Re: GNU OpenStep

Albert Dorofeev
Tue, 1 Dec 1998 10:18:49 +0100 (CET)

John Lewis writes:
> I came across the GNUstep ( ) and UNofficial GNUstep (
> http:/ ) webpages today and wondered how

The link to unofficial site: 

> they relate to AfterStep. Is AS moving towards or away from the GNUstep
> 'standard' and how does windowmaker fit in. 

Now, I do not really care if AfterStep moves towards or away
from anything. I do not care if it fits into something or not.
I want to have a good-looking, fast environment and there it
is. I did try a few others, no luck. Whether AS is gonna be
something-compliant or not is not something I can loose my
sleep over.

As for the diversity of the window managers being currently
developed - so what? People are free to participate in any
project they like. You are free to choose the environment you
like. If someone feels that there ain't a window manager (or
any application, for that matter) that suits his needs - he
just writes one. That's where the diversity  comes from.

I personally like the diversity and I like being able to choose.
I would hate to be stuck with a single WM like people running
Windows are stuck with the same look and feel.


Albert Dorofeev
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