Re: Ctrl-v Not Working Anymore in Pico

JD Jordan (
Tue, 01 Dec 1998 21:27:52 -0500

What do you mean by crtl-v isn't working anymore? as in aftersteps ctrl-v =
"paste" ? (thats the default key binding for crtl-v) or you mean ctrl-v
isn't working like pico says it should?  If ctrl-v isn't doing what pico
says it should, its because it is bound to paste by afterstep.  load
feel.ICCM (I think thats the name) and it will unbind all the keys, and
ctrl-v will work correctly.  or a beter thing to do would be to go in and
edit a feel filing to have the keybindings of your liking, and use that
one, if you like having key bindings in afterstep.


At 06:32 PM 12/1/98 -0700, Steve Ki-Won Lee wrote:
>I've been using pico for quick file viewing and modifications all along
>without any problems until just now.  For some reason the above is
>happening now.  I reinstalled pico just to make sure, but the problems is
>still persistent.  Can someone please help me out?
>What I don't understand is why this has happened all of a sudden when I
>haven't made any changes to my box in the last little while.  Thank you
>very much in advance.
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