Re: installation question

Doug Alcorn (
14 Dec 1998 10:25:20 -0500

Nathan Widmyer <> writes:

> Thomas, what you told him command-line wise was incorrect.  It won't return
> anything anyway because package names include version numbers, not just
> XFree86-devel.  Instead what you want to do is type 'rpm -qa | grep devel' and
> Tomas Duewiger wrote:
> > You maybe need to install the XFree86-devel rpm. Try a
> > 'rpm -q XFree86-devel' if it returns a 'package XFree-devel is not
> > installed' the header files for compiling any XFree app are missing. If it

Nathan, I am getting tired of you posting incorrect posts and not
thinking about what you write.  This mailing list is for us to 1) help 
people who are having problems and 2) talk about desired features,

You are misleading people and need to stop.  Your thread about tar.gz
vs. rpm showed a lack of understanding of package management.  Now,
this post shows you don't even understand the commandline switches for 
rpm.  Please do some research before you post here.
 (__)  Doug Alcorn                 
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