Re: installation question

Tomas Duewiger (
14 Dec 1998 19:13:02 +0100

Nathan Widmyer <> writes:

> Thomas, what you told him command-line wise was incorrect.  It won't
> return anything anyway because package names include version numbers, not
> just XFree86-devel.

That's new to me. rpm -q packagename_without_number returns the name
_with_ the number. rpm don't care about the number. 
I got a RedHat 5.1 running (same as Schaible) and tested the command before 
posting to make sure that I don't post shit. And here 'rpm -q
XFree86-devel' returns a 'XFree86-devel-' a 'rpm -q foo-bar' 
returns 'package foo-bar is not installed' and a 'rpm -q 
XFree86-devel-' returns the same because I got patchlevel 
18 installed. 

This is just to avoid confusion for all the new rpm users.


Tomas Duewiger