Re: installation question

Nathan Widmyer (
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 19:05:10 -0500

I'm getting tired of people like you and Michal trying to start something.  Michal
typed one or more incorrect commands, I was merely correcting him.  For those
people that don't understand simple commands like Doug here's the breakdown of why
I said to use my statement over Michal's.

1. Michal used a command similar to 'rpm -q Xfree'.  First of all, XFree rpm's all
have capital F's, I don't know if this is a simple typographical error or what.
Second, it will look for packages only names 'Xfree' and nothing else, no wildcards
are allowed.  rpm requires the exact name.

2.  I proposed to use 'rpm -qa | grep devel'.  The 'rpm -qa' part gives out a full
list of all packages and the pipe symbol (|) pipes or sends all output to the
command by invoking the command.  What grep does is look in each line of text sent
to it and writes to screen.  I said to use that because there could be diferent
versions than what I have and my way is the best way.  If you want to get better,
you could use 'rpm -qa | grep XFree86-devel' and you'll get just one (hopefully).

Also, since Doug decided to jump into conversation without an invitation, I am not
misleading people, if anything it is Michal misleading others.  The thread about
tar.gz vs. rpm started because of Michal bad mouthing Red Hat and I brought up one
of the many reasons why Red Hat is better than others and you, Doug, Michal and
others would bring up reasons why your distribution is superior.  Doug, Doug Doug,
I know alot more about what I'm talking about because what I said works and if you
can't understand that it does, then go worry about something else.  I am
considering this thread ending right now.  Take note that if anyone else, Doug,
Michal or otherwise continues this thread, that the consider it a personal matter
and not a mailing list related matter.  Otherwise, drop it cause I am.  Good day
and Merry Christmas.  Nathan.

Doug Alcorn wrote:

> Nathan, I am getting tired of you posting incorrect posts and not
> thinking about what you write.  This mailing list is for us to 1) help
> people who are having problems and 2) talk about desired features,
> etc.
> You are misleading people and need to stop.  Your thread about tar.gz
> vs. rpm showed a lack of understanding of package management.  Now,
> this post shows you don't even understand the commandline switches for
> rpm.  Please do some research before you post here.
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