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Benjamin J. Tracy (
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 08:41:05 -0500 (EST)

PLEASE take this flame war off line!!!


On Tue, 15 Dec 1998, Michal Vitecek wrote:

>  i couldn't resist....
>    Nathan - 
>    1) go wash your eyes and check the previous mails in this thread. i
>  never said anything about 'a command similar to 'rpm -q Xfree'' (to cite
>  u). u REALLY should CHECK before u say such a thing, that obviously is
>  not true. i was only talking how misleading the labelling RH made up is
>  and that rpm is NOT the only superiour choice to package management.  go
>  and READ ALL the previous mails in this thread - u'll see how terrible
>  wrong u are.
>    2) not a single person here really cares what such a guy like u thinks
>  about RH, other distributions or other operating systems. u have _no_ (or
>  very little) experience with other distributions or operating systems as
>  it got out pretty clear by what u said so far.
>    3) i advise u to finally shut up and go after your little world where
>  u're the only one that's always right .... u're misleading, saying crap
>  out of your inexperience, and igniting threads about nothing in common to
>  this ML (which is for AfterStep - u know what AfterStep is, don't u?
>  cool.)
>     okay,
> 	    this thread is finished for me,
> 			fuf
> p.s.: it really reminds me of a person who says: 'hey - u're all crazy and
> wrong! i'm the _only_ aeroplane here!!!!!'
> Nathan Widmyer wrote:
> >I'm getting tired of people like you and Michal trying to start something.  Michal
> >typed one or more incorrect commands, I was merely correcting him.  For those
> >people that don't understand simple commands like Doug here's the breakdown of why
> >I said to use my statement over Michal's.
> >
> >1. Michal used a command similar to 'rpm -q Xfree'.  First of all, XFree rpm's all
> >have capital F's, I don't know if this is a simple typographical error or what.
> >Second, it will look for packages only names 'Xfree' and nothing else, no wildcards
> >are allowed.  rpm requires the exact name.
> >
> >2.  I proposed to use 'rpm -qa | grep devel'.  The 'rpm -qa' part gives out a full
> >list of all packages and the pipe symbol (|) pipes or sends all output to the
> >command by invoking the command.  What grep does is look in each line of text sent
> >to it and writes to screen.  I said to use that because there could be diferent
> >versions than what I have and my way is the best way.  If you want to get better,
> >you could use 'rpm -qa | grep XFree86-devel' and you'll get just one (hopefully).
> >
> >Also, since Doug decided to jump into conversation without an invitation, I am not
> >misleading people, if anything it is Michal misleading others.  The thread about
> >tar.gz vs. rpm started because of Michal bad mouthing Red Hat and I brought up one
> >of the many reasons why Red Hat is better than others and you, Doug, Michal and
> >others would bring up reasons why your distribution is superior.  Doug, Doug Doug,
> >I know alot more about what I'm talking about because what I said works and if you
> >can't understand that it does, then go worry about something else.  I am
> >considering this thread ending right now.  Take note that if anyone else, Doug,
> >Michal or otherwise continues this thread, that the consider it a personal matter
> >and not a mailing list related matter.  Otherwise, drop it cause I am.  Good day
> >and Merry Christmas.  Nathan.
> >
> >Doug Alcorn wrote:
> >
> >> Nathan, I am getting tired of you posting incorrect posts and not
> >> thinking about what you write.  This mailing list is for us to 1) help
> >> people who are having problems and 2) talk about desired features,
> >> etc.
> >>
> >> You are misleading people and need to stop.  Your thread about tar.gz
> >> vs. rpm showed a lack of understanding of package management.  Now,
> >> this post shows you don't even understand the commandline switches for
> >> rpm.  Please do some research before you post here.
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