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Mon, 14 Dec 98 05:34:04 -0500

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Hi all (again),

Well, after further investigation, I found that my problem is related to 
 the xdevel and xpm libs.  I really thought that I had installed them.  
I have been running linux for a while now, though without a windows 
manager, mainly for mundane networking tasks.  RedHat is my first 
attempt at making it a desk top.  I didn't mean to start the rpm vs. 
tar.gz argument, but I will say that over all rpm's are kinda cool, 
though I do prefer tar balls; they give you much more control. any way 
AS still will not work.  I still get the same errors and this thread 
should still be the same as the configure.h parse error.  For now I am 
forced to use *hack*fvwm2*hack*

I cannot find the xdevel rpm or libXpm on my redhat cds and every ftp 
site I've gone to did not have it either.  AARRRRRGGGG!!!!!  This is 
probably due to my ineptitude, however, I am sure that more RH users 
will have this problem.  So when I figure this one out, I will definitly 
let you know!  And if any one knows where I can get these rpms or tars 
plz let me know!  Or maybe I will try freeBSD.

Thanx for all the help,
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Subject: Re: installation question
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Nathan Widmyer wrote:
>Judge lest not ye be judged.  rpm's are just plain simple because you 
need to
>bother with external programs like pkg_add, pkg_del, et al.  All you 
need is
rpm and
>it'll take care of it for you.  Don't turn this into a argument because 
it is

 hahahah :)

 are u on crack or something? rpm's need to have rpm binary present.
 without the binary u're lost. think before u post to this mailing list.

 besides, this is offtopic, so if u want to continue with this thread,
 mail me privately (but *DO* use your brain before u post your reply).

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