Re: Re: installation question

Doommaker (
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 05:43:52 -0500 (EST)

On Mon, 14 Dec 1998 wrote:

> Hi all (again),
> Well, after further investigation, I found that my problem is related to 
>  the xdevel and xpm libs.  I really thought that I had installed them.  
> I have been running linux for a while now, though without a windows 
> manager, mainly for mundane networking tasks.  RedHat is my first 
> attempt at making it a desk top.  I didn't mean to start the rpm vs. 
> tar.gz argument, but I will say that over all rpm's are kinda cool, 
> though I do prefer tar balls; they give you much more control. any way 
> AS still will not work.  I still get the same errors and this thread 
> should still be the same as the configure.h parse error.  For now I am 
> forced to use *hack*fvwm2*hack*
> I cannot find the xdevel rpm or libXpm on my redhat cds and every ftp 
> site I've gone to did not have it either.  AARRRRRGGGG!!!!!  This is 
> probably due to my ineptitude, however, I am sure that more RH users 
> will have this problem.  So when I figure this one out, I will definitly 
> let you know!  And if any one knows where I can get these rpms or tars 
> plz let me know!  Or maybe I will try freeBSD.
> Thanx for all the help,
> -Derek

Well, libXpm is a simple one to find.  Check sunsite/metalab in
pub/Linux/X11/libs and you'll find it.  As for the xdevel rpm.  I'm not
going to even go looking for that, because rpm's make me gag.


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