Re: Pager and Swallow in 1.6.0

Albert Dorofeev
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 18:15:10 +0100 (CET)

Tomas Duewiger writes:
> I noticed a strange behaviour of the wharf in 1.6.0. My pager with 1 desk
> is swallowed into the wharf, after the update to 1.6.0 sometimes when AS
> starts, the pager is not swallowed and stays in an own window. 
> I use a pager with scale of 40 but I also tried the same with
> MaxSwallowModule, same effect. All other apps are swallowed right, only
> the pager sometimes not. Got anyone else the same effect?

Yes, I do get the same effect sometimes, very rarely.
I just hit the "restart" button and it all comes into
place nicely. I think it may have something to do with
the timing of the start-up of the pager and the wharf.
You are starting the pager from the wharf, right?
I am sure (?) that if you start it from autoexec and put
a "Wait" clause after it everything will be fine :)


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