Re: Have just get new as 1.60

Tomas Duewiger (
15 Dec 1998 18:37:33 +0100

"<CRIPTOS El Se~or del Caos>" <> writes:

> With the new version of as.. did't come asclock, asload, ascd, asmix, so I
> take my old version of Aftrerstep 1.4beta-i-dont-know, and compiled it..
> so i get asclock, asload,etc etc.. everythings is ok, BUT ascd doesn't get
> executed by wharf (I have check the command line, so is not that), if i
> execute the ascd from a x*term it wokrs, but I been unable to swallow into
> wharf.. what do I need? I love ascd..

Did you only swallow ascd? It works here with 
*Wharf ascd - Swallow "ascd" ascd & 

> About pager, what if I what black background centered picture?...  If I
> try to put a image, the pager tile it and I just what that image at
> center... i have tried with xv -root -centerd (something like that) but
> none.. I whas looking into the pager file, and find some weird lines about
> pager background, I'll be playing with this options while some body...
> kindly, answer me :)

>From the pager file:

# PagerXImageLoaderArgs can be used to change external image loader command
# line arguments from defaults, specified at compile time. You cannot change 
# loader prog, only its aruments!
#!WARNING: when you use this setting - internal support for XPM and JPEG for! 
#!Root background will be disabled ( for specified desk )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
# this one is for all desks
#*PagerXImageLoaderArgs   -onroot -quiet  
# this is for specific desk, and will disable internal XPM and JPEG
# support for specified desk
#*PagerXImageLoaderArgs   0   -onroot -quiet  
#*PagerXImageLoaderArgs   1   -onroot -quiet
#*PagerXImageLoaderArgs   2   -onroot -quiet
#*PagerXImageLoaderArgs   3   -onroot -quiet

So changing this args to -onroot -center -border black 
should work if you compiled it with xli or xloadimage. I think you have to 
disable the *PagerDesktopImage in the pager file, Sasha?


Tomas Duewiger