Re: Trailing slash in pathname

Kevin Chu (
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 15:26:56 -0800

"Benjamin J. Tracy" wrote:

> Check your ModulePath.  I bet you have a trailing slash on it that doesn't
> belong there.  It's in the base.xbpp file.

Thanks, there are trailing slashes on the paths in the base._bpp
files.  But there's also a note in a file called 'compatibility' in
the same directory:

# This file will only be read if AfterStep detects you're trying to
use an old
# 1.0 steprc file, with "afterstep -f oldsteprc"
# Don't forget to change ModulePath line to : 'ModulePath

so I guess I'll leave it alone.  :)


Kevin Chu