Re: Configuring Pictures menu

Eugene Sotirescu (
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 05:54:25 -0500

I'm looking at:

The startmenu section has no mention of AS 1.6 (indeed, I am running AS 1.5, so
I thought this was OK).

I'm starting to suspect that some of my problems might have something to do
with the way RH, god knows why, has mucked with AS (already had to fix the
disappearing startmenu changes problem; I also have a
/usr/share/afterstep/fixed/start dir, haven't seen mentioned in any FAQ:
0_nop          2_rxvt         4_screensaver  Decorations    Windows
1_xterm        3_nop          7_Quit         Modules

Andrew Sullivan wrote:

> Yes, but the latest FAQ (mentioned in my .sig) and the FAQ shipped with
> 1.6.0 (these are the same, in fact) point out that this has moved:
> /usr/local/share/afterstep. If I'm wrong, then you're using an old
> version, in which case, you need older docs.
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