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Wed, 16 Dec 1998 19:03:57 -0600 (CST)

Okey... I'm been playing with *terms all day... I have the brandnew rxvt
2.x.x, Eter 0.89... 

 I don't want or... well.. I don't always whant a pixmaped term, and i use
a lot of xterm for mudding-coding-lynx-compiling... 
And I have discovered this:
I don't remember how to use escape sequenes, so I cant load a pix map on
I don't like Eterm... pretend to be so sophisticated that is unable to

Xterm, too old, it's a classic, and like all clasics, is for weekend use

Xiterm, seems to be the besto for my, but, I have troubles if i don load a
.xpm background, sometimes xiterm just don't start, if I use a pixmap.. I
can load tons of xiterm with just one trouble.. tons of cpu usage.. and i
hame a p54/150, so i can't waste cpu time in "cool" loogin xiterm, I just
want it nice looking... 
So.. can any one tellme how to load a pixmap in rxvt from the command
And anybody is having this strange situation with xiterm?

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