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Thu, 17 Dec 98 09:05:18 -0500

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When X starts the server complains about the following:

LoadImage: connot read file
/bin/sh:Xli: command not found

the error is repeated for each #_background.51x38.as.xpm in the
non-configurable directory.  But the files are there.

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Subject: My backgrounds disapeared
Author: <afterstep@linuxcenter.com>
Date: 12/17/98 8:15 AM

I tried to modify one look file, a simple change on the window bar.  As
usual for me, X crashed when I loaded the look.  So I undid the change I
made and restarted X. AS came up fine but none of backgrounds will
load.  I've tried using various looks and feels.  They all work fine but
no backgrounds at all.  All the xpm files appear to be in the proper
place.  Any ideas?

ps. I understand why the change in look file crashed X.  But loosing the
backgrounds after undoing the change?

- Derek

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