Re: make install

Doug Alcorn (
21 Dec 1998 17:06:38 -0500

"J.D. Jordan" <> writes:

> Ok, so I got afterstep 1.6.0 configured and compiled, but make install is
> broken, things are trying to run ../autoconf/install-sh, and getting
> command not found, I assume they should be using ../../autoconf/install-sh
> since wharf, etc, are located in AfterStep-1.6.0/src/wharf/ and they want
> to use AfterStep-1.6.0/autoconf/install-sh.  I guess I get to move

This is a known bug.  I thought it was fixed.  The best way is to fix
the in <top_source_dir>/autoconf.  However, I don't know
what it should be changed to.  Sasha had a manual fix for this once on 
#afterstep, but I thought fuf was going to fix the distro.

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