Re: 1.7.0 and 1.6.0 ?
Mon, 21 Dec 1998 13:28:15 -0600

>    First off, 1.7.0 is a development tree.  Yes I know it doesn't
>have "pre" or "alpha" or "beta" in it, but it is under the devel/
>directory on the ftp.  This implies that it is a development version,
>which being a development version, it might not compile, might not run,
>might bring your X crashing to a screeching halt, might cause the NSA (or
>similar foreign body) to come to your house and confiscate your computer
>for throwing geosynchronous government satellites out of orbit! :)

Nobody tested AfterStep 1.6.0 for sattelite compatibility though, due to
funds. Everybody in sattelite industry is encouraged to make contributions

>    Secondly, if you still choose to use version 1.7.0; be warned -
>none of your questions will be answered here, no-one will help you recover
>your trashed harddrive, and no-one will sympathise with you because you
>didn't backup you config files. :)

meanwhile everybody is wellcome to test this development version and
send your feedback to us - developers.

>    This is of course all subject to change and only valid at the time
>of this mail. :)

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