Pager/Wharf interaction

J.D. Jordan (
Tue, 22 Dec 1998 12:47:22 -0500 (EST)

In 1.6.0 there seem to be some problems with pager/wharf interaction.
When I MaxSwallow the pager, if I restart AS, half the time I have
to do it twice in a row for the pager to be MaxSwallowed correctly, the
other half of the time, the pager doesn't get resized to fit into the
wharf correctly, so I can only see the upper left corner of the pager, and
the alittle bit of the surrounding screens to the bottom and right of it.

Also, the pager is alittle wierd, in that, even if I only start one pager,
it still forces itself to have as many *PagerColumns as you specify,
wouldn't it make more sense for it to only use one column if only one
pager is started?  What this does is, if you start Pager with Pager 0 0,
it starts one pager, and then has a large grey block, 3 desks wide to the
right of the pager thats there.  (This is if you have *PagerColumns 4,
*PagerRows 1).  It also makes swallowing into the wharf alittle strange,
if you don't fix *PagerColumns to be 1, when you MaxSwallow into a square,
you get a squished pager, which only takes up the left 1/4 of the square,
and if you MaxSwallow into a folder, you get the same thing as if you
started it not in the Wharf, with the folder sliding out a tab 4 pager
widths wide, but only having one pager on it, the rest being grey.

Ok, I guess thats enough of my rant on the pager, besides that stuff 1.6.0
has been running rock solid on this SPARC at work.  Oh, one more
sugestion, maybe put a nice look.256color in the distribution, that
doesn't use gradients.  If you just take the default look and
disable all the gradients it looks pretty good, and doesn't use up all
your colors...

Devel people keep up the good work!!!