Re: Pager/Wharf interaction

Sasha Vasko (
Tue, 22 Dec 1998 22:14:51 -0600

"J.D. Jordan" wrote:
> In 1.6.0 there seem to be some problems with pager/wharf interaction.
> When I MaxSwallow the pager, if I restart AS, half the time I have
> to do it twice in a row for the pager to be MaxSwallowed correctly, the
> other half of the time, the pager doesn't get resized to fit into the
> wharf correctly, so I can only see the upper left corner of the pager, and
> the alittle bit of the surrounding screens to the bottom and right of it.

We are working on this problem, but solution is not easy though.

> Also, the pager is alittle wierd, in that, even if I only start one pager,
> it still forces itself to have as many *PagerColumns as you specify,
> wouldn't it make more sense for it to only use one column if only one
> pager is started?  What this does is, if you start Pager with Pager 0 0,
> it starts one pager, and then has a large grey block, 3 desks wide to the
> right of the pager thats there.  (This is if you have *PagerColumns 4,
> *PagerRows 1).  It also makes swallowing into the wharf alittle strange,
> if you don't fix *PagerColumns to be 1, when you MaxSwallow into a square,
> you get a squished pager, which only takes up the left 1/4 of the square,
> and if you MaxSwallow into a folder, you get the same thing as if you
> started it not in the Wharf, with the folder sliding out a tab 4 pager
> widths wide, but only having one pager on it, the rest being grey.

That makes sense - I'll take it into consideration - expect
patch soon.

> Ok, I guess thats enough of my rant on the pager, besides that stuff 1.6.0
> has been running rock solid on this SPARC at work.  Oh, one more
> sugestion, maybe put a nice look.256color in the distribution, that
> doesn't use gradients.  If you just take the default look and
> disable all the gradients it looks pretty good, and doesn't use up all
> your colors...


> Devel people keep up the good work!!!

We'll do.

> JD