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Doug Alcorn (
24 Dec 1998 23:38:32 -0500

Err, sorry, couldn't let this one go without a correction.

"J.D. Jordan" <> writes:

> 	Just wanted to clarify what Sasha means by 2x2, if you do this you
> will get 4 pagers/desks (I think desks is the right term) in a 2x2
> square, each of those desks containing how ever many screens you
> specified in your base.Xbpp file.

Actually, this deserves further clarification.  First, notice how the 
pager is started: "...Pager 0 3".  The two numbers there are the start 
desk and last desk.  So, this would create 4 desks; not four views.

AFAIK, a desk is a unique screen environment that can have its own
look, feel, and background.  A view is defined as an area [roughly]
the size of your actual screen.  So, you can have multiple views per
desk.  But only one background/look/feel per desk.  This vocabulary is 
not set in stone, but probably should be.  If there is better
vocabulary, it should be put forth for carving in stone.  These terms
are often confused.

Second, notice the PagerColumns and PagerRows; this spells out the
layout of the desks in the pager, not the views.  So, to re-cap: this
configuration will create 4 desks in a 2x2 layout.

> On Tue, 22 Dec 1998, Sasha Vasko wrote:
> > if you want yuor Pager to be 2x2 : 
> > *Wharf Pager "-" SwallowModule Pager 0 3
> > 
> > and edit ~/G/L/A/pager file :
> > *PagerColumns 2
> > *PagerRows    2
> > 

To restate the answer to the original question: to get only one desk,

*Wharf Pager "-" SwallowModule Pager 0 0

or in the ~/g/l/a/autoexec you can:

        Module  "I"     Pager 0 0

in either the "InitFunction" or the "RestartFunction" and not swallow
it in Wharf.

Now, you say, how do I get more than one view on that single desktop?
Well, in the ~/g/l/a/base.<your_bpp>, you specify the DesktopSize.
This is a simple geometry setting like 1x6 (what I use: 1 view wide
by 6 views high).  

The reason (I think) DesktopSize and DesktopScale were moved to the
base.xbpp file instead of the pager file is that theoretically we
could move the virtual desk stuff out of pager and into a separate
module.  That would allow people to have the advantages of pager
without actually having pager.  They could still use key-mappings to
navigate desks/views or some new module that might be used for the
purpose.  This last part hasn't been done yet, but will some day.
Ethan has said that it would be nice to have the virtual desktop stuff
and imaging outside of pager.  The point of this paragraph is that
DesktopScale and DesktopSize used to be defined in ~/g/l/a/pager, but
they are no longer read from there.

Anyway, that is a bunch of ramblings from Doug.
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