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Chris Dunn (
Fri, 25 Dec 1998 10:13:07 -0500

I've just installed AfterStep 1.6.0 on a Linux 2.0.33 kernel and 
thought the installation went well, but the following problem 

When attempting to invoke an item (e.g. afterstepdoc) from Wharf 
or from the desktop popup menu nothing is produced. If the 
command afterstepdoc is called in a xiterm window then the 
command is successful. echo $PATH in the xiterm returns a path 
which includes /usr/local/bin where these commands/APPS are 

If the wharf entry for afterstepdoc is changed to include the full 
path, /usr/local/bin/afterstepdoc then the item becomes accessible 
from Wharf.

This seems to be connected to setting the path within AfterStep. 
How do Wharf and the desktop popup menu recognise that the 
path /usr/local/bin/ is needed for their included apps?

Is there a path entry that I need to insert inside or outside 
AfterStep and if so where? All help gratefully received.
Chris Dunn
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