Imran Hayat (
Fri, 25 Dec 1998 17:43:37 -0800

Hi everyone!! :) May 1998 was the last time I used my RH Linux 4.1 on
my PC. I had the urge to add a new hard drive and install Win98 on my
dos partition and it did icky things to Linux and I've just gotten it
back and happening again! :) (Thank god for boot disks and LILO....

  Anyway.. still using AS 1.0... screenshots of the newer (1.6??) AS
look pretty! :) May download the newest stable version soon. (Oh geez..
as much as I like to mess with something that's already working...

  But what's with the ICQ that I keep seeing on some screenshots of AS?
Is that the Java version?? (Or the Linux/UNIX version?)

  Well... now that my PPP is finally working again on my Linux... might
just install several new things. :)

  Sorry to ramble! Just wanted to share the joys of finally getting it
all fixed. :)

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