Re: AS: ICQ??

Imran Hayat (
Fri, 25 Dec 1998 19:29:14 -0800

Licq!? Wow... thanks guys. I didn't even know there WERE all those
Linux ICQ clones. :) Phew. Hmmmm... Licq looks nice but it's still
(apparently) not fully stable. I guess I'll just wait for a stable
version. Looks really promising though! (Or is there another GUI-based
ICQ clone that works, and works well in AS??) :)

   Oh also... I downloaded Gimp 1.0 but I guess I need Glib and GTK+.
GTK plus's newer releases seem to be development only, and the older
stuff doesn't seem to be compatible with Gimp 1.0. :~( Ugh. I guess I'll
just wait till everything has a stable release?? (Or are the development
versions good enough?)

    So what do you guys think about the current AS release?? I mean..
I'm still at 1.0 here. No themes or anything. :*( Should I get the newer
stable version? (1.6 is it??) Would I need anything else to bring my 1.0
up to 1.6 level?? :) So I should just.. download the new AS and just
compile/install that or do I need to worry about this 1.0 version
first?? (delete,etc.?)

    I hope I don't sound too silly. I just haven't been using Linux/AS
since May and obviously several things have happened since then! :)

    Take care!

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