Re: screenshots

The Spirit of the Black Panther (
Thu, 03 Dec 1998 21:27:14 +0000

Jordy Simpson wrote:

> I've seen several screenshots on the web where the shot includes part of the
> start menu expanded.  How is this accomplished?
> The only way I know of to make a screen capture is to bring up an xterm and
> run "xwd -out somefile.xwd", then convert somefile.xwd using the Gimp.
> Unfortunately, this only allows for a window-grab or a full-screen grab, and
> requires clicking on whatever you want grabbed.  Hence, no ability to pop up
> the start menu.
> If anyone knows how to get a screenshot _with_ the start menu in it, please
> let me know!

Well, if your computer is less than a P-133 you can use the Screen Shot
extension in the Gimp..  Load Gimp in a free desktop, load the Screenshot
Extension, and move that to the desktop to snap...  Then, click Fullscreen, and
Quickly click Grab, then the root Win..  If yer fast, you can popup 2 or 3
sevels of menu this way...