S.u.S.E Linux

R. Cornell Sternbergh (cornell@sternbergh.com)
Wed, 23 Dec 1998 21:08:07 -0800

First, please forgive my ignorance.  I've 20 something years in computing,
and 2 weeks in UNIX.  I've a PC running Win95 and S.u.S.E. Linux (no, not
at the same time;-)).  Using Linux, I'm still trying to get the display
right, sound to work at all, and I'm wondering why I don't have Netscape
even though I asked the install to include it.  And trying to network to my
other Win95 machine.  I don't know a whole lot ;-)

A friend at work, who's working on the company intranet, and hence has a PC
with RedHat Linux, uses AfterStep and I'd like to also.  At his suggestion,
I went to www.linux.org to download it.  I searched about for references to
S.u.S.E without success.  I don't know which to download.  I picked
freeBSD, for no good reason.  I assume that "source" means it's in source
form and needs to be compiled.  I don't want to have deal with that now.

Is there an appropriate package for S.u.S.E.? 

Thanks :-)
Cornell Sternbergh