Re: Licq in wharf?

Mike (
Sat, 26 Dec 1998 08:05:21 +0000

Marcin Pacyna wrote:

Hey ya doommaker is right, we need to bug the author guy. I know I set it up
how it WOULD be setup if what you described could work. What needs to happen
is either for afterstep to have a "SwallowIcon" command, or something of the
like in Wharf or get the author of Licq to make it happen :)


> Hello,
> This is a question I've wanted to ask for a while.  Has anyone successfuly
> "wharfed" licq?  I know that when licq is iconzied - the bitmap changes to
> reflect it's current status (online/offline etc) and if you have a message
> or not, but I was just wondering if anyone got that to stay in the wharf.
> What I was thinking was that it would start in that iconized mode and when
> clicked - the main window with contact list etc would appear but without
> removing that bitmap from the wharf.
> Thanks,
> Marcin
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