Re: AS: ICQ??

Mike (
Sat, 26 Dec 1998 08:09:06 +0000

Hey Imran.. Okay, here's the answers to all of your qestions :)

Licq 0.50.alpha2 works fine (I use it myself)
GTK+ and Glib betas also work fine :) I believe 1.1.9 is the latest, I use
The current AS release is great, v1.6.0. I suggest you totally and
completely remove all traces of 1.0 before you upgrade.
You don't sound silly at all.

So anyways, how about this BC weather? (Assuming you're still at SFU or the
area ;)

    Mike in Surrey.

Imran Hayat wrote:

> Licq!? Wow... thanks guys. I didn't even know there WERE all those
> Linux ICQ clones. :) Phew. Hmmmm... Licq looks nice but it's still
> (apparently) not fully stable. I guess I'll just wait for a stable
> version. Looks really promising though! (Or is there another GUI-based
> ICQ clone that works, and works well in AS??) :)
>    Oh also... I downloaded Gimp 1.0 but I guess I need Glib and GTK+.
> GTK plus's newer releases seem to be development only, and the older
> stuff doesn't seem to be compatible with Gimp 1.0. :~( Ugh. I guess I'll
> just wait till everything has a stable release?? (Or are the development
> versions good enough?)
>     So what do you guys think about the current AS release?? I mean..
> I'm still at 1.0 here. No themes or anything. :*( Should I get the newer
> stable version? (1.6 is it??) Would I need anything else to bring my 1.0
> up to 1.6 level?? :) So I should just.. download the new AS and just
> compile/install that or do I need to worry about this 1.0 version
> first?? (delete,etc.?)
>     I hope I don't sound too silly. I just haven't been using Linux/AS
> since May and obviously several things have happened since then! :)
>     Take care!
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