Re: WindowMaker applets

Doug Alcorn (
26 Dec 1998 23:45:31 -0500

Harry Dekkers <> writes:

> > Harry Dekkers wrote:
> >
> > > I like applets and I want to wharf some WindowMaker applets (wmsysmon). After
> > > editing the wharf file and recycle the wmsysmon applet appears on my desktop
> > > and not in the wharf bar. Maybe someone can tell what I'm doing wrong.
> > > Here is the string
> > > *Wharf wmsysmon - MaxSwallow "wmsysmon" wmsysmon &
> >
> Thanks, I changed 2 things. I changed MaxSwallow to swallow and insert
> /usr/local/bin to my path and everything is working now. Thanks.

I wasn't going to say anything on this thread, but decided to after I
saw what his fix was.  Here is a tip for you all about Wharf.  When
you Swallow or MaxSwallow an app, the thing in double quotes should be 
the title of the window that is created.  If you use:

*Wharf wmsysmon - MaxSwallow "wmsysmon" /usr/local/bin/wmsysmon &

it won't work.  The title of the app is "/usr/local/bin/wmsysmon", not 
"wmsysmon".  So, take care and make sure that the title you put in the 
wharf (Max)Swallow is the same that appears on the window when it is

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