WinList.. bug?

Mike (
Sat, 26 Dec 1998 14:16:59 +0000

Hey guys, <Cornfed>/<Leenoox> here.
I have a .. bug? I'm not sure, but here's what happens with WinList.

I have my WinListGeometry set to -0-335, k? And When I start AfterStep,
it loads fine and all is good... EXCEPT with all my dock apps loading, 7

entries are automatically added, then removed from WinList, which
somehow causes WinList to disposition itself on the screen... either
down a few pixels or... well just off-positioned.

I have a vertical WinList, btw.

Okay that's the problem, I know I can eliminate that by doing
Start-Modules-Stop WinList, ...-Winlist *OR* by having all my dock apps
in the database file with "SkipWinList" ... still thing is a bug is a
bug is a bug.. see if it can be fixed :)

Also a suggestion for WinList.. more interaction with AS.. if I click on

a bar in winlist, then click on a different bar, the 1st one isn't
What would be great if the *ONLY* bar selected in the WinList was the
current window open, and all others deselected. Thanks..