Re: WinList.. bug?

Doug Alcorn (
27 Dec 1998 20:18:17 -0500

Tomas Duewiger <> writes:

> Unfortunately this will only work for some minutes/hours until some other
> apps are started or killed. The winlist will then disposition itself again 
> when vertical, IIRC. So whenever a position in the winlist is added or
> removed it got problems with the position, at least that was the case in
> beta5, it jumped around on my screen ;-)

I think I had this same behavior. I specified a winlist geometry of
something like -0-XXX.  Everytime I changed desks (at least, there may 
have been other triggers) the winlist (which was also verticle) would
shift by -1-1 pixels.  Eventually, it would end up with part of it off 
the screen.  The only solution was to stop the winlist and restart it.

I don't remember when this was fixed, but it was fixed.  I used
winlist for some time in the verticle mode without any problems.  I
eventually wanted the desk space back, so removed it.  As I said, I
don't remember which version of AS fixed this.  My suggestions would
be to go to the latest (either 1.6.0, which is stable with some small
bug fix patches; or 1.7.0, which has some new features in test/devel
mode.)  If this doesn't fix your problem, then let us know.  Good luck.

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