Re: One desktop pager

Albert Dorofeev
Tue, 29 Dec 1998 17:18:49 +0100 (CET)

Doug Alcorn writes:
> The reason (I think) DesktopSize and DesktopScale were moved to the
> base.xbpp file instead of the pager file is that theoretically we
> could move the virtual desk stuff out of pager and into a separate
> module.  That would allow people to have the advantages of pager
> without actually having pager.  They could still use key-mappings to
> navigate desks/views or some new module that might be used for the
> purpose.  This last part hasn't been done yet, but will some day.
> Ethan has said that it would be nice to have the virtual desktop stuff
> and imaging outside of pager.  The point of this paragraph is that
> DesktopScale and DesktopSize used to be defined in ~/g/l/a/pager, but
> they are no longer read from there.

Excellent answer, Doug. I would like to point out one thing though.
The pager is indeed separate from the virtual desk. You do not
have to start the pager to use the virtual desktop and be able
to switch between views and desks. Pager is only a convinient way
of seeing the snapshot of your screen, your location and an extra
possibility to switch between views etc. using your mouse.


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