I need help !

Eduardo Gutierrez (j4373122@alumnes.eup.udl.es)
Wed, 30 Dec 1998 17:41:55 +0000

> !       . I've installed in my computer Red Hat Linux
> ! 5.2. It was included AfterStep 1.5. I' ve also installed KDE 1.0.
> !      

> I have problems with my wharf config file. It doesn't seem to work well. I follow the examples and sometimes it works and sometimes no.

For example: I want to include two icons in the toolbar: one for Sound
and the other for graphics. I added this lines to the config file.

Into the sound programs i want to include the kscd,asmuxer and asmix
Into the graphics programs i want ee,gimp and xv.
# CD player
+Wharf Sound FileFolders.xpm,3_dots.xpm Folders
	*Wharf CDPLAYER CDrom2.xpm  Exec "kscd" kscd &
	#*Wharf aspostit - Swallow "aspostit" aspostit -sv &
	+Wharf asmixer draw.xpm Exec "asmixer" asmixer -g -1-1 -2 LINE -3 CD & 
         *Wharf asMix - Swallow "asMix" asmix -shape &
+Wharf ~Folders


#+Wharf Graphics FileFolders.xpm,3_dots.xpm Folders
	*Wharf "gimp" draw.xpm Exec "-" gimp &
        #*Wharf 3d RayTracedGear.xpm,3_dots.xpm Folders
                #*Wharf ac3d Plasma.xpm Exec "ac3d" ac3d &
                #*Wharf moonlight 3dpaint.xpm Exec "moonlight" moonlight
        #*Wharf ~Folders
	*Wharf "ElectricEyes" ee.xpm Exec "-" ee  &
	*Wharf "xv" Brush.xpm Exec "-" xv &
#+Wharf ~Folders

It seems that it should work,but when i restart AfterStep: the panel
button dedicated to graphics doesn't appear (of course you can't reach
xv,ee or gimp.

But in the panel appears one button for kscd and another for asmix. But
it can't be
that. It must be one button for sound programs (represented by
FileFolders.xpm) and
when you clkick that button it must appear the kscd and asmis programs.
I want to know if i make any mistake or there is a bug in the treatment
of the
wharf file.
       Thank you in advance. Sincerely

P:S:= Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


> !