Re: make install

Doug Alcorn (
30 Dec 1998 09:06:04 -0500

"Vincent Lee" <> writes:

> Will the tar ball work for Linux or must I stick with the X86 versions?
> Doug Alcorn <> writes:
> all (I hope).  A new snapshot of the stable code (1.6.6) is
> forthcoming, so if you get that it should all work fine. :)  WavePoet
> says the best thing to do is wait for his new snapshot and get the
> entire fixed tarball at once.

Not sure what your question is.  The snapshot will be of the source
wich is primarily developed on Linux and then tested on other plaforms 
to verify compatibility.  If you are looking for binaries, I am not
sure if/when binaries of 1.6.6 will be built/released.  I would bet as 
soon as possible, but it is a lot of work to build binaries for all of 
the platforms we support.  

My recommendation is to get the source and build it yourself.   The
team has done a lot of work to make configuration a one step process.
Compilation should go as simple as: "configure; make; make install".

/me notes that you should do those three steps seperately to watch for 
any possible errors.

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