New theme.handler 0.3.2 snapshot

Doug Alcorn (
30 Dec 1998 10:00:54 -0500

I have built a new tarball of the theme.handler with the latest
patches applied and uploaded to  I expect
WavePoet will move it to the /themes directory soon.  There is no
difference between this and patched version of theme.handler that is
bundled with AfterStep 1.6.0 or the standard version that comes with
AfterStep 1.6.6 in tools/theme.handler.

This release fixes some bugs with finding some images.  You might have 
seen errors like "Use of Uninitialized variable at 471".  Thanks to
Sasha for finding the source of the error.

Thanks for testing this.  Keep making themes and uploading them to
 (__)  Doug Alcorn                 
 oo )