Re: The AfterStep Resource Page

Doug Alcorn (
31 Dec 1998 10:12:45 -0500

Doommaker <> writes:

> The AfterStep Links Page has become The AfterStep Resource Page.
> The AfterStep Resource Page is a page designed to give the AfterStep
> community a place to find all the latest information on AfterStep and AfterStep 
> related material. We hope that members of the community will submit 
> information to us much in the way that sites like Freshmeat and Slashdot
> operate. If you would like to submit any AfterStep related news, such as a
> new application, a new website, a major update of a currently existing
> website, a new release of AfterStep or anything else relevant to the 
> AfterStep community, feel free to submit it by e-mailing 
>  Hopefully a form will be available soon for 
> submitting news to make the process easier.
> The links still remain and will continue to be updated whenever new ones
> are given to me.  Load up your favorite browser (even Lynx) and check it
> out at the same location:

Can someone (doommaker, Ethan, or Dave) shed some light on the
difference between this and

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