Re: placement of swallowed apps in wharf

Tomas Duewiger (
05 Dec 1998 08:20:35 +0100

Andrew Sullivan <> writes:

> > I've noticed that in the wharf swallowed apps do not appear to be
> >centered correctly on the face of the button.  They appear to be shifted
> >down and to the right.  I am using version 1.5b5 on a SGI O2 (IRIX 6.5).
> >I've noticed the problem with both swallow and max swallow, and with
> >wmload, wmtime and asmail.
> I note that my asmail (which had this problem too when I upgraded) also
> has a geometry argument with it.  Is there one on yours?  I don;t have any
> of the wmapps you mention, so I can't check them.

It is the same here, also with some wmapps, and it was that way in older
releases too. More than that I noticed that icons are shifted top and to
the left a bit. I use a setup without transparent icons and there you can
see it very clear, with transparent pixels it isn't really noticeable. 


Tomas Duewiger