[Announcement] www.afterstep.org

David Mihm (davemann@ionet.net)
Sat, 5 Dec 1998 13:54:07 -0600 (CST)

	With many thanks to the folks at WGS, Inc; who bring us
www.LinuxMall.com, www.afterstep has a new home.  The web site has been
"updated" to include working links to the current releases [(devel at the
moment) and devel is the MOST STABLE, but the "listed" "stable" is still
the one from back in May; since there are those that don't like "beta" in 
the name :)]. 
	I have updated the pages just in content and will expand them when
I get around to redesigning the pages.  I wrapping up the "man pages from
hell" project for AS right now...for the long awaited new stable release,
so it'll come after the recovery period and X-mas.
	If anyone wishes to have a somewhat unofficial logo contest (or
simply sumbit) for the new Head.Logo for the web pages, I'd be happy to go
for something like that.  I have a logo which some ppl say they like (on
my pages now), but I think it could be done better.  I'd also like to keep
the web pages dynamic in look as well as content - like the themes.org
sites which change logos often and overall designs too.  Possibly the
"logo contest" could feature all the logos on a rotation type situation,
and folks could vote. Speaking of voting....
	The hosts also allow for cgi, so if anyone has some cgi experience
of cgi's they trust (100% trust and being held liable for how secure it
is (: ), we can set up a voting for the logo cgi, and possibly a bug
reporting page via cgi.  There's no limit really on all the cool cgi stuff
would could do. :)

	That's all the news that fit to print about the new host site of
w.a.o. and it's immediate direction.

	On a personal note: All those who liked my www.the-site.dyn.ml.org
site and miss not having access to it, I have good news.  A few folks have
been so nice as too offer dyn-DNS on their nameservers for me. My site can
be reached from either of the following:
Thanks guys - I have kept them nameless here so as to not have them
flooded with similar requests from all of those out there that are deeply
saddened by the downing of ml.org.

Happy AfterStep'g
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