Re: placement of swallowed apps in wharf

Sasha V (
Sat, 05 Dec 1998 17:19:18 -0600

"Benjamin J. Tracy" wrote:
> I've noticed that in the wharf swallowed apps do not appear to be centered
> correctly on the face of the button.  They appear to be shifted down and
> to the right.  I am using version 1.5b5 on a SGI O2 (IRIX 6.5).  I've
> noticed the problem with both swallow and max swallow, and with wmload,
> wmtime and asmail.  If it would help, I can post a window shot..
> Sorry for picking nits! :-)

nothing to be sorry about - that what users do - notice problems.:)
This problem has been known for a while, and the solution is not trivial
Ethan already wrote some code to fix it, but it still needs some
and will probably make it in post 1.6 releases.
> Ben