Re: Anyone got docs for 1.5.0b6?

David Mihm (
Sun, 6 Dec 1998 04:42:52 -0600 (CST)

On Sat, 5 Dec 1998 wrote:

! I just installed 1.5.0b6, and I think I lost some of the docs. I 

	During make install, the html FAQ is installed and is accessable
by running the afterstepdoc script.  This script is, by default, linked
to the top Wharf button (the AS logo on the sky bg), and will initiate
Netscape or Lynx and open it to the first page of the current FAQ as of
that release.  There might be a newer FAQ avaiable on the Offifical FAQ
page, which has a link from the Official AS web page.

! can't find "1.0_to_1.5" anywhere, 


! and the man page for afterstep is labeled v1.4.

	Indeed it is, it's still beta, and I haven't finished the page.

! Several aspects of my look and feel files broke with the upgrade, but 

	It's not obvious, but a note to the devel team/contributors exists
in the file <path>/AfterStep-1.5beta6/TODO.B4-1.5.0, which states to
create an UPGRADE file which will inform ppl upgrading (such as yourself)
that "[2]'g the ~/G/L/A tree to a  backup..." would be required.
Although this is really only required for minor steps; i.e. 1.4.x to
1.5.x, and not necessarily 1.5.a 1.5.b .

! I want to RTFM before I start whining... :)

	Okay, so I won't take this as whining, but I do think it was
before looking. :)  No big deal - we've all been there.

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