Doug Alcorn (
07 Dec 1998 09:21:00 -0500

This is a brief announcement that I have released the next increment
of my theme.handler.  This is really just a bugfix.  It is possible to 
specify images in the config files with a complete path
specification.  While my theme.handler bundled the image correctly,
when the theme was installed on the target machine the path was not
valid.  This release fixes that so that when installing themes, all
images specified in the configuration files are included correctly in
the PixmapPath.

You can get the updated theme.handler from my home page
(  I have uploaded it to, it should be moved to the themes dir on that site
sometime soon.  And, Dave has bundled it in with the development
release of AfterStep 1.5beta6 patch 08.
 (__)  Doug Alcorn                 
 oo )