Re: Bad Link

Mike Barrett (
Thu, 10 Dec 1998 20:46:09 -0800

David Mihm wrote:
>         Fixed, and thanks.  I also want to tell you about the job we have
> been doing with the documentatio (from previous mail).  The man pages have
> been totally rewritten and the FAQ is better than ever.  If you like
> AfterStep, please try 1.6.0 (releasing December 11) and get back to me or
> the FAQ maintainer with your suggestions.
> Thanks.

	Cooool.  Will do.  I'm currently using 1.0.  I tried 1.4something and I
must have screwed up something because it totally wiped my computer.  No
worries tho, I'm sure it's something I did, otherwise I'm sure you would
have heard a lot more about this. :)  I look forward to 1.6.