Re: GNU OpenStep

John Lewis (
Tue, 01 Dec 1998 20:50:22 +0000

Andrew Sullivan wrote:
> On Mon, 30 Nov 1998, John Lewis wrote:
> > Is AS moving towards
> > or away from the GNUstep 'standard' and how does windowmaker fit in.
> In fact, the attempt to comply with GNUstep has resulted in one of the
> most-complained-about features of AS: the ~/G/L/A directory structure.
> <big snip>

OK guys I surrender! Being new to AS I had no real idea of the backgound (even
though I did glance at the FAQ It was mainly for hints on how to get it
running). I certainly had no intention to rake over old wounds or resurrect old
flame wars.

> > It seems to me that resources are being squandered in developing 3 (or
> > is it 4) similar window-managers.
> Um, what 3 or 4?

Squandered is not the right word in this context. I wrote this at the end of a
very tiring day running a mountain bike race and as it turned out suffering the
early symptoms of a heavy cold. So I did not intend to belittle any of the
efforts of the people who have put all these programs together. I want Linux to
topple Gates from his self built pedestal, I had hoped IBM would do it with OS/2
but they have no interest in taking the evil empire on. And to make Linux a real
alternative to windross there needs to be a viable GUI that Joe Public can use
as easily as what he is given today. 
> AfterStep is designed from, and remains based upon, fvwm-1.  The
> advantages in terms of stability and backward-compatibility are
> tremendous, but there is something of a performance hit (although
> ever-improving on the performance front, thanks to the efforts of the
> talented developers!  Thanks folks!).
Does AS depend upon fvwm being installed is it now completely stand alone. Can I
remove all traces of fwvm?

 Moreover, AS is exceptionally flexible: far more so than Window Maker is
> allowed to be.  This is mostly because the WM folks want to cleave very
> strictly to the old NeXTSTEP look and feel.  The result is that the
> adjustments are rather hard to obtain.  Of course, not everyone will agree
> with me, but I think that AS strikes a marvellous balance between
> flexibility, configurability, size and performance.
> As I understand things, there was something of a holy war over how closely
> AS would stick with the NeXTSTEP look & feel.  That was part of the
> reason, I'm led to believe, for the emergence of Window Maker.
> And don't even start with E.  It's pretty, sure, but make sure you have
> the latest hardware, or you're gonna take one honking performance hit.

As a result of my posting I am now Enlightened ;-)

> Sorry to all for maundering on, but this seemed to me to warrant a careful
> response.  And PLEASE, let's not have the nth thread of "Good-bye to AS
> for the nth time"!

My thanks to you and everyone else who responded so politely, It would have been
quite understandable if some of you had been upset by what I said. I shall carry
on using AS 
as I prefer it to other wm's like KDE or xfce.