From 1.0 to 1.6.0, Whew!

Albert Schueller (
Fri, 11 Dec 1998 09:59:10 -0800


I been a long time user of AS 1.0 and finally made the leap yesterday to
1.5b6 (i know 1.6.0 is out) I hope it hasn't changed too much. :-) I'm
running Redhat 5.1, Intel.

Anyway, first I want to mention a real "undocumented feature".  Did you
know that you can still put keystroke commands on the submenus by simply
creating directories with names like:

	Shells\ \&S

I guessed this from the old AS1.0 syntax, I was so happy that that feature
was still there.

I have two questions so far.  

1)  	I can't seem to quit Netscape with an Alt+q keystroke, AS1.5b6 is
	trapping the keystroke command before it gets the browser.  How can
	I fix this?

2)	The default icon title font is way too small for me, when I try to
	increase it the text gets out of center on the icon title bar, the
	bigger it gets the more it moves to the upper right, the top parts
	of the title actually begin to get cut off.  Any fix?

As you can see I'm a keyboard oriented dude.  I like good WM's because they
help organize things, but a great window manager lets you make keyboard
shortcuts for everything once you get comfortable.  Overall, nice WM.  I
think I'll keep it. :-)


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