Re: From 1.0 to 1.6.0, Whew!

Oleg Rodinov (
Fri, 11 Dec 1998 13:56:31 -0500 (EST)

Can you elaborate on how can I create shortcuts?  In particular, 
I want the shortcut that will move me between virtual desktops.

> I been a long time user of AS 1.0 and finally made the leap yesterday to
> 1.5b6 (i know 1.6.0 is out) I hope it hasn't changed too much. :-) I'm
> running Redhat 5.1, Intel.
> Anyway, first I want to mention a real "undocumented feature".  Did you
> know that you can still put keystroke commands on the submenus by simply
> creating directories with names like:
> 	Shells\ \&S
> I guessed this from the old AS1.0 syntax, I was so happy that that feature
> was still there.
> I have two questions so far.  
> 1)  	I can't seem to quit Netscape with an Alt+q keystroke, AS1.5b6 is
> 	trapping the keystroke command before it gets the browser.  How can
> 	I fix this?
> 2)	The default icon title font is way too small for me, when I try to
> 	increase it the text gets out of center on the icon title bar, the
> 	bigger it gets the more it moves to the upper right, the top parts
> 	of the title actually begin to get cut off.  Any fix?
> As you can see I'm a keyboard oriented dude.  I like good WM's because they
> help organize things, but a great window manager lets you make keyboard
> shortcuts for everything once you get comfortable.  Overall, nice WM.  I
> think I'll keep it. :-)
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