RE: help: configure.h:24: - parse error - SOLVED

Igor Sarychkin (
Sat, 12 Dec 1998 10:20:17 -0000

yep, it was xpm.h missing. Once devel pack installed, AS compiles fine.
One doesn't need devel libs to have AS "look much better", if you have

tank you verrry much

Igor Sarychkin

> True.  We have our first 1.6.0 bug. :)
> The problem here is that $have_xpm_write is not defined in ./configure
> if the xpm headers are not found at all.  If this happens, it means that
> your system does not have libXpm installed, or does not have the libXpm
> header (xpm.h).  The latter is fairly common on RedHat systems which
> don't always install the headers (*-devel.rpm) with the library.
> I'm including a patch to fix the problem to this email, since it's fairly
> small.  I suggest getting the xpm-devel rpm (or libXpm itself) as a
> better solution for those whom this problem affects - AfterStep
> looks much
> better with libXpm installed.
> ----
> Ethan Fischer