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Thu, 03 Dec 98 08:50:26 -0500

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I have been lurking on this mail list for some time now without any idea 
as to how I should make myself known.  Then this wonderful thread came %0Aalong!  However slightly off topic I thought this question fit in.  I 
and my fellow sys. admin's are so impressed with the performance of 
Linux and AS that we would like our normal users to run it as they're 
desktops.  Only one problem.  Most of them are developers working in 
Delphi.  Does anyone know of a development tool for X that can 
accomplish the tasks that delphi makes so easy?  Or would it all have to 
hand coded so to speak?  Any suggestions from developers would be 

I already managed to fdisk all of our NT servers :-) and would love to 
see M$ out of our office entirely and this is the one roadblock for me.

thanx and flame on I guess,
Derek Schaible
Info. Net. Sys, Inc.

- Where do I want to go?  Somewhere other than my desk!!

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On Tue, 1 Dec 1998, John Lewis spake unto us, saying:

> I want Linux to topple Gates from his self built pedestal, I had hoped
> IBM would do it with OS/2 but they have no interest in taking the evil
> empire on. And to make Linux a real alternative to windross there
> needs to be a viable GUI that Joe Public can use as easily as what he
> is given today.

I've argued elsewhere (see, e.g., Slashdot) that this is a foolish pipe
dream.  Simply put, Win (and, for that matter, MacOS) get their 
rock-solid simplicity by giving up flexibility or (the logicians',
inclusive or) stability.  It will _never_ be that easy, in spite of what
the GNOME people say.  (KDE is an example of how it can be that easy: 
lotsa stuff down hard, so that anything but heavily-managed changes, 
few options, is basically impossible.)

Anyway, I'm pleased that this did not turn into a name-calling flame 
The rational debate -- even, or, in fact, especially over areas of
disagreement! -- is sooooo heartening to someone like me.  (I usually
teach critical thinking, and the _ad hominem_ tone of so much of Usenet
and the various *Net debates makes me depressed.)

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