installation question

Christopher Wright (
Sun, 13 Dec 1998 11:02:46 -0500

X worked (still does) for me.
I install 1.6.0 of Afterstep with the install.script and something
installed. I saw a lot of parse errors in the last leg of the install
which concerned me. Then, when it finished, I did startx as
usual and the Xserver started like always and promptly shutdown.

The error: exec: afterstep: not found
So I check what little documentation there is (no dice except a path
addition to /usr/local which was pointless), I do a find on "afterstep"
(only directories were returned, there is no file by that name on my
machine post-install), and I checked over a few files like xinitrc.

Next, I uninstalled the files and snagged 1.5 beta 6 thinking maybe it
would be better tested, if that indeed was the issue. The install went
better, but I still have the same error. And to rub salt in the wound,
all of the FAQ questions deal with configuring AS after it's set up! So
I feel like a moron at this point and I'm begging for help.

Tell me it's something silly...I'm starting to get mildly frustrated.
Thanks in advance.