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Nathan Widmyer (
Sun, 13 Dec 98 12:25:57 -0500

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I was so happy to see this thread.  I just downloaded the new AS, 
followed the directions, I RTFM'd all I could and have the exact same 
problem.  I do have more info to provide:

1. I run redhat 5.1 (yes, I read the README.RedHat)
2. When I run ./configure everything looks good. no errors.
3. make cant find X11.  None of the x modules (???  Im not a programmer)
are found.  Therefore, no compile.

I am thinking its RedHat directory structure problem.  Any thoughts?  Is 
the other guy running RH?

Thanx for any help,

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Subject: Re: installation question
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Date: 12/13/98 11:56 AM

Sure, what you might want to do is use 'find / -name "afterstep" 
-print', it may
look longer but I've had success with that and that may return filenames 
and the
way you did it may not.  Usually, if you do a make mrproper or make 
clean or
something like that, it will clean out all the files so all your left 
with is
the source and the binary, but it may erase the binary too so you might 
want to
try the other find command and make sure it returns directories and not 
the file
you need looking like a directory.

Christopher Wright wrote:

> Nathan Widmyer wrote:
> > I recommend taking the afterstep binary that is just made where you
> > compiled it and put it in /usr/X11R6/bin and change your ~/.xinitrc 
> > execute the /usr/X11R6/bin/afterstep binary then you should be okay.
> > Other people may have other ideas.
> Therein lies my problem, my good man! I did a find / -iname afterstep 
and all
> it returned were three directory names. Apparently no afterstep binary 
> been compiled!
> There are two installation methods: 1) the convenient but apparently
> semi-incomplete script and 2) the manual way that is covered in the 
> figured the script was just an automated version of the manual way so 
> haven't tried it, but I think I may just do that.
> Thanks for your response though!
> -chris wright
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