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Michal Vitecek (
Sun, 13 Dec 1998 19:00:11 +0100

 well - your problem looks like u don't have either X devel packages
 or Xpm devel package installed. make sure to install those. if your
 problem persists, paste the beginning of the output text when it started
 to spill out the parse errors, so we can have more information.

Christopher Wright wrote:
>X worked (still does) for me.
>I install 1.6.0 of Afterstep with the install.script and something
>installed. I saw a lot of parse errors in the last leg of the install
>which concerned me. Then, when it finished, I did startx as
>usual and the Xserver started like always and promptly shutdown.
>The error: exec: afterstep: not found
>So I check what little documentation there is (no dice except a path
>addition to /usr/local which was pointless), I do a find on "afterstep"
>(only directories were returned, there is no file by that name on my
>machine post-install), and I checked over a few files like xinitrc.
>Next, I uninstalled the files and snagged 1.5 beta 6 thinking maybe it
>would be better tested, if that indeed was the issue. The install went
>better, but I still have the same error. And to rub salt in the wound,
>all of the FAQ questions deal with configuring AS after it's set up! So
>I feel like a moron at this point and I'm begging for help.
>Tell me it's something silly...I'm starting to get mildly frustrated.
>Thanks in advance.
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