Re: Re: installation question

Michal Vitecek (
Sun, 13 Dec 1998 19:03:43 +0100 wrote:
>I was so happy to see this thread.  I just downloaded the new AS, 
>followed the directions, I RTFM'd all I could and have the exact same 
>problem.  I do have more info to provide:
>1. I run redhat 5.1 (yes, I read the README.RedHat)
>2. When I run ./configure everything looks good. no errors.
>3. make cant find X11.  None of the x modules (???  Im not a programmer)
>are found.  Therefore, no compile.

 u need to install X devel packages and Xpm devel packages (+ libraries if
 u don't have them).

>I am thinking its RedHat directory structure problem.  Any thoughts?  Is 
>the other guy running RH?

 it's RH "clever" idea (== very stupid thing) to cut packages into devel
 (header files etc) and libs (shared libraries), which causes lot of
 confusion for RH users (mainly newbies).


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