Re: RedHat 5.1

Dirk Petry (
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 11:42:30 +0000

David Mihm wrote:
> On Tue, 15 Dec 1998, Dirk Petry wrote:
> ! Hi,
> ! a binary release for RedHat 5.1 would be nice!
> ! (Or can I use the i386.rpm for that? I tried it with
> !   rpm -i AfterStep-1.6.0-1-glibc2.i386.rpm
> !  but after this AfterStep didn't work anymore and I
> !  had to reinstall the old version 1.4.)
>         If you have glibc2, then this should work for you.  I doin't
> recall if 5.1 is glibc2 based - but I thought it was.  When you tried this
> rpm, did you use "rpm -Uvh After...."?  If not, try this and tell me if it
> works.

I think I just have glibc (?). I tried again with "rpm -Uvh After...."
but the result was the same (I saw in the xconsole for a brief moment
a message "Broken pipe ..." before the xsession crashed.
I have to stress that I have no customized setup but pure RedHat5.1
(the CERN distribution, however).



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